Competition Management

Make the most of Open Competitions and Events

Open golf competitions can bring new players as well as significant income to your golf club. Having a facility that allows golfers to take advantage to book online can attract more golfers. Persuading the ‘nomadic’ golfer to join a golf club can be a tall order and Open competitions can help attract new members to golf clubs who are interested in such events.

We have specifically designed an online booking system for golf clubs to market their Open competitions and events

Two golf bags standing in front of a group of golf players putting on green.

Why choose our Opens booking system?

Our online system can easily be integrated into your existing software to allow a full integrated network that will not only allow you to take bookings but payment online.  It should be noted that the system has also been designed to just take reservations if your golf club is not ready to take online booking or payment.

The solution has been created to ensure that you still maintain total control over your competitions and events as well as taking the hassle out of marketing and booking players for the event.

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