Tee Time Bookings

Grow your revenue with a tee time booking system and tap into the fast growing online bookings market

As more and more golfers are searching for their next game online, there has never been a better time to capitalise on impromptu ‘pay and players’ sweeping the market. In a new era for golf clubs, it is important to use a system that creates the right presence as selling times online becomes the norm.

Our solutions have been designed to provide clubs with the most complete functionality coupled with ease of use. They will keep pace with your golf club’s requirements and can be used as much or as little as your business needs.

Importantly we don’t barter your times. We charge one of the lowest support fees in the market place – a fair price for a great system!


Looking for an entry level tee time booking system?

Our Tee Time Solution is for you

We have developed a simple to use booking system which looks to maximise your revenues . It is simple to set up, easy for customers to navigate, and looks great.

This system offers what you need – an easy to use interface that is flexible in advanced tee time scheduling and price management along with an intuitive interface for golfers – members and visitors- to book through.

Features & functionality

  • A non-barter model
    • Some tee time systems take a fourball each day for using their software but this means you are giving away revenue and profit. This money should instead be used for the improvement and growth of your golf club. We recognises this and offer a non-barter model.


  • Complete control
    • We give you complete control over tee time and green fee sales. You decide availability, price and the partner channels through which times and fees are sold. Therefore you keep full control of your tee sheet.


  • Simple Interface
    • Simple uploading of tee time and green fee details mean you waste no time learning or keeping the system up and running. And, if you want to sell specific times and fees regularly, just update the information once for regular, automatic postings.


  • Open all hours online booking
    • This means that there is no need for a golfer to wait for office hours or when they have got time to call as they can book at their convenience, 24/7, when and how they want.


  • Immediate marketing
    • All you need to do is upload the details of tee times and green fees you want to sell online and they will be posted onto your own website for immediate promotion and purchase.


  • A fail-proof system
    • Our system makes double booking impossible and gives you the ability to take payments online.


  • Online secure payment
    • We offers a complete payment solution so you can take payment for tee times in full or take a deposit – you decide. Offering payment online will help to reduce no shows as golfers have committed to the tee time.


  • Integrated and mobile-friendly
    • Our booking system is highly flexible and can be integrated easily into any golf club website. It allows bookings for both visitors and members.  It also allows a golf club to maintain its brand while managing the tee time inventory.

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